About the results of the Nature Census in grassland areas

Nature Conservation Agency (Agency) has tasked several hundreds of experts with assessing the distribution and quality of protected habitats of EU importance in Latvia; they have been surveying the territory of the State since 2017.

During the both seasons implemented so far, biologically valuable grasslands have also been assessed. The areas of those have decreased dramatically over the last 50 years, so we strongly encourage each owner in the possession of this rare natural treasure - biologically valuable grassland – to maintain it by implementing adequate management measures.

Over 10 000 owners of biologically valuable grasslands have already been informed (in a written form) about existence of valuable habitats on their properties. A letter has been sent to the declared address of each such owner indicating that exact location(s) of habitat(s) on their property can be viewed via database Ozols

To promote maintenance of biological diversity in grasslands, direct payments are available for valuable habitats exceeding 1 ha by applying to Rural Support Service. The amount of payment is 55-330 EUR per hectare depending on productivity class. More information can be found in the attachment of the letter or by phone +371 67095000.

More detailed information on the assessment of habitats in Latvia can be obtained by e-mail: skaitamdabu@daba.gov.lv or by contacting Regional Administrations of the Agency on working days from 10.00-16.00:

Pierīga Regional Administration – phone: +371 65674282;
Vidzeme Regional Administration – phone: +371 65674286;
Kurzeme Regional Administration – phone: +371 67800389;
Latgale Regional Administration – phone: +371 65674283.

Information about the presence of any other habitats on the properties will be provided to the owners gradually in 2021.

Additional information:
Management guidelines for biologically valuable grasslands and other habitats;
EU and State Support payments;
Rights and obligations of landowners in the context of the assessment of habitats (in Latvian);
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