A conservation plan for a Special Area of Conservation (SAC) is a document that summarises information about a specific site and describes the measures to be taken for the use and management of the area.  During the implementation of the 'Nature Census' conservation plans for 25 existing SACs will be developed.

Conservation plans for Special Areas of Conservation are developed in the order given by the SAC plan development list within the framework of the project. All residents are encouraged to make suggestions about the use and management of a territory while the conservation plans are being developed.

In determining the various requirements for the protection and management of a site resulting from the conservation plans some landowners or businessmen may be able to mitigate their economic activities or have the opportunity to receive compensation for forestry prohibitions and the management of biologically valuable grasslands.

An SAC conservation plan provides an opportunity to coordinate the interests of nature conservancy and territorial development.

SACs in Latvia are nature reserves, national parks, nature parks, natural monuments, strict nature reserves, marine protected areas, protected landscapes, and one biosphere reserve.